All Brea wants for Christmas is to make it home for the holidays, but a chance knock at a stranger’s door may give her more than she wished for.

Brea Nelson is used to her family’s prickly attitude, but she’s determined they be together for the holidays. Unfortunately, a serious storm and car trouble quickly complicate her plans. When she finds herself at the door of the cutthroat CEO whose name is all over the news, she’s taken aback by his strong body and striking good looks. However, his rudeness promptly douses what’s left of her holiday cheer.

Business always comes first for billionaire George Clark, but a near-death experience has forced him into hiding on Christmas Eve. When his solitude is disrupted by a shy stranger who isn’t even aware of her own beauty, he’s less than thrilled at the interruption. But something about Brea quickly works its way beneath his arrogant exterior.

One night may be all it takes to ignite a spark between the two strangers, but will it be enough when they go their separate ways?

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